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Happy Tokens

Happy Tokens are unique in both their design and application. Let me explain…

What we offer

From parents to pupils, specific needs to designs, we can, we have, and we do.

Happy New Year from the Token Tots

Each Token Tot has their own name, personality and goals that your children can identify with. 

Interview with a Clinical Psychologist

An Introduction to a Clinical Psychologist What is to a Clinical Psychologist? What is the difference between a Clinical Psychologist and other Psychologists i.e. Educational Psychologists? Hi, I am Dr Tina Mistry, Clinical Psychologist.  A clinical psychologist...

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Whats in a colour?

A Guest Blog by Happiness and Wellbeing Coach Mrs Mojo:   I’ve always been fascinated by colour and psychology. I remember reading magazine articles in my 20s suggesting the best colours to wear for a job interview. Then, when I became a mum in my 30s, I was...

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Interview with a Sleep Therapist for children

What a Sleep Therapist is? I’m a sleep therapist for children so I help parents that struggle with their children’s sleep behaviour. Sleep deprivation it is not easy and can affect so many parts of our daily life. Support and a bespoke plan is the key....

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Some wonderful words…

“You are amazing and your Happy Tokens are wonderful! I’ve been telling everyone I know about you and these unique Tokens” WT mum to additional needs child

“I’ve just ordered some more of your Happy Tokens for some of my friends – they’ve made such a difference for us. Gold Star!” HK mum of two girls