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How we can help and what we can do.

Hello and Welcome!

Grab yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair and let me introduce myself and my business.

Happy Tokens

Happy Tokens are unique in design and application. Let me explain…

What we offer

From parents to pupils, specific needs to designs, we can, we have, and we do.

Have you met our Token Tots?

From the rather wonderful illustrator Chloe Udden

Each Token Tot has their own name, personality and goals that your children can identify with. 

Why Happy Tokens?

I designed Happy Tokens so obviously I think that they are great. However, I’m not here to persuade you to buy my product I just want to share with you how I got here. First, I’m not a big fan of stickers. At one point they were the bane of my life and they were all...

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Reward or not?

Are Happy Tokens a reward system? Well, I suppose they kinda have to be because I don’t think there has been a phrase or label invented for them. Of course, the premise is to issue a ‘reward’ for reaching some sort of goal. To be honest I’m not entirely comfortable...

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Some wonderful words…

Happy Tokens are working great for my 8 yr old and 20 month old. I have tried other methods of rewards unsucessfully but Happy Tokens are visually great and come with clear instructions on how to use them sucessfully. I would highly recommend them.

Holly Taylor

Happy Tokens are a small company with a big heart. They provide help and support from initial idea, to design and manufacture. Both ther quality of their products and customer service has made me a life long customer.

Megan Bloem

CEO Musical Melodies