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Although we are starting small with our HappyPost we have alrady had so many requests and ideas that it won’t be long before we are able to offer even more fabulous packages to send to your door and raise your Happiness levels.

So check back often to keep up to date




Recently I noticed lots of parents and carers talking about lonely children, about stressed children and depression in children. It’s heart-breaking. As a mum myself I see the children who find it difficult to socialise, or those with additional needs being misunderstood and finding it hard to build relationships. So many children find socialising difficult being naturally reclusive or introverted; and it need not be the case.

It is my mission to spread a little Happiness to families and help develop skills necessary for children to be confident, resilient and raise self-esteem and emotional awareness. I want children to establish relationships, empower them and help them acknowledge they are not on their own and to enjoy the little things in life that can deliver happiness.

With all that in mind I have designed Happy Post.

Happy Post is a subscription service for children. By subscribing to just £2.99 per month (or 12 month for £30) Happy Tokens will send your nominated child post just for them. The HappyPost will include different things each month for example affirmation cards, stickers, tattoos, all included in a Happy Tokens notelet with a, themed postcard and a handwritten personalised message from their friends here at Happy Tokens. We include little birthday treats and wishes for each child who has an annual subscription too. Sign me up!!

What can you expect?

This photo shows some of the things that a child can expect to recieve in the post.

Everything is colourful, fun and inclusive.

HappyPost aims to make children feel Happy.

Our notelets come in our brand colours with a secret Happy Token hiding in the envelope.

The featured cards will tie the contents together in a theme, be it seasonal or even a birthday card (for annual subscriptions only).

Our affirmation cards convey positive messages to children about themselves and their abilities. They are easy to understand and colourful and fun.

A sticker may follow the theme or compliment the colours used.

A tattoo is included in this pack but at other times it may be something else just as fun and exciting.

Of course there are no postage and packaging costs with HappyPost as its all included in the price!

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