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May I say that I in no way profess to be a ‘blogger’ but, I thought I would try my hand at it, everyone else is. So here’s information, views, opinions and my musings all for your personal entertainment. Enjoy.

Interview with A Speech and Language Therapist

An Introduction to a Speech and Language Therapist. 1. What is a Speech and Language Therapist? A speech and language therapist is a health professional who is qualified and experienced in assessing and supporting children and adults with...

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Halloween Horror

My children won’t be celebrating Halloween this year. It’s by their own choice and to be honest the whole Halloween thing has been bothering me, as a mum, for a while now. Then the whole ‘sinister scary clown’ incidents started last year and this coincided...

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Interview with an Educational Psychologist

An Introduction to an Educational Psychologist What is an Educational Psychologist? Psychology is the science of understanding our minds and behaviours. An educational psychologist (EP) can help in understanding a child's learning, development and...

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Interview with a Clinical Psychologist

An Introduction to a Clinical Psychologist What is to a Clinical Psychologist? What is the difference between a Clinical Psychologist and other Psychologists i.e. Educational Psychologists? Hi, I am Dr Tina Mistry, Clinical Psychologist.  A clinical psychologist...

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Whats in a colour?

A Guest Blog by Happiness and Wellbeing Coach Mrs Mojo:   I’ve always been fascinated by colour and psychology. I remember reading magazine articles in my 20s suggesting the best colours to wear for a job interview. Then, when I became a mum in my 30s, I was...

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Interview with a Sleep Therapist for children

What a Sleep Therapist is? I’m a sleep therapist for children so I help parents that struggle with their children’s sleep behaviour. Sleep deprivation it is not easy and can affect so many parts of our daily life. Support and a bespoke plan is the key....

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Single or Double?

In my blogs I try to answer questions that I am regularly asked and that should ultimately help people make a more informed choice in both the purchase and application of Happy Tokens systems. So apart from the hot topic of using Sad Tokens, the other frequent...

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Why Sad Tokens?

Lots of people ask me why I include Sad Tokens in my reward systems and its a tough question to answer. Its a topic which really needs a two way conversation in order to answer thoroughly and most of my communication is in written form. Sad Tokens throw up more and...

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Here we are

We Are Here! Finally, the website is up and running and I couldn't be prouder. I love it, it is amazing. Toot Toot (blowing own trumpet!). It shows our colours and personality and what we are all about. For anyone who doesn't know me I am a hands-on kinda gal, so to...

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