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Happy Tokens

Happy Tokens are unique in both their design and application. Let me explain…

What we offer

From parents to pupils, specific needs to designs, we can, we have, and we do.

Meet the Token Tots.

Illustrations by the rather wonderful Chloe Udden


Each Token Tot has their own name, personality and goals that your children can identify with. 

Declutter Guest Blog

The importance of a child being able to declutter and organise their space.  Most of us are aware of the link between clutter and mental health, even if it’s just when you want to get things done at work you notice a tidy desk makes a big difference, or...

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As October is ADHD Awareness Month I thought it would make sense to share with you my personal experience of ADHD. Be warned, I’m on a crusade, I’m not reiterating the ‘NOT NAUGHTY’ message nor trying to prove a point, I’m simply going to give you an up...

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Some wonderful words…

“With a child with ADHD and another with ASD these have worked better than anything we have tried before. I would certainly recommend. Thank you to Happy Tokens and to Michelle for making my days a little easier” KS Busy mum of three

“My son is really into the Tokens, he’s not even really bothered about a reward at the end – the tokens work on their own. He just loves to collect them and place them in the tube. His face lights up as his tube gets filled” GW satisfied mummy