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Hello and Welcome!

Grab yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair and let me introduce myself and my business.

Happy Tokens

Happy Tokens are unique in both their design and application. Let me explain…

What we offer

From parents to pupils, specific needs to designs, we can, we have, and we do.

Some things never change right?

These little characters are the Token Tots. Each Tot has their own name, personality and goals that your children may identify with. 

Escape Room Experience

This is just my opinion of a visit to our local Escape Room business. The experience was paid for by myself and was not gifted or sponsored in any way. After my daughter went to an escape room in Newcastle, she couldn’t recommend it enough. Although her visit was...

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Happy Henna

Let me introduce the artisit behind this delicate piece of work and owner of Handcraft Henna, the lovely Yaserah Shafiq. Yaserah has been working with Happy Tokens on a fabulous project for HappyPost which includes a competition and has kindly agreed to share some...

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ADHD a year on.

ADHD A Year On As October is ADHD Awareness month, I thought I would share with you another very personal blog about my experiences living with, parenting and loving a teenager with ADHD- an update if you will. We have been on quite a journey since my last...

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Some wonderful words…

“Now my kids happily do homework, chores and even go to bed with less fuss.” AB mum of three

“My kids love to see HappyPost arriving and its always got something new and fun in.” Angel, Northern Ireland