What are HappyTokens

Here is a rough explanation of what Happy Tokens are and how they work so that you can make an informed choice as to purchasing.

Happy Tokens are a form of Token Economy System – that’s physcho babble for a reward system of sorts. Yet in the right hands they are capable of being so much more. The System is so adaptable, so very versatile it is as if each package is customised to your family and your child. In fact, if you want, it is. If you choose one of our custom starter packs the tube will have your child’s name in the colour of your, or your child’s choice and you can also select from any of our 12 bright colours for the Happy and/or Sad Tokens.
Simply put your child has a Token Tube and receives Tokens based on behavior. Some behaviors are encouraged and others modified in a very non confrontational way. Behavior patterns are particularly visual due to the colour elements and can be monitored. Ultimately the person who issues the Tokens has discreet control over many of the outcomes and all concerned come out feeling positive.
In every Happy Tokens starter pack we include a “How To” booklet. This sets out in much more detail some of the different ways in which the System works and is full of handy hints and tips to help along the way.

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