About Us

Happy Tokens is a family run business in every sense of the phrase. My husband and I founded the business, researched the subject and came up with the System. We also make all the components and run the business from a part of our home on a daily basis. Our children have also been closely involved from piloting the first crude version of Tokens and Token Tubes, through to aiding with the design ideas and helping with the orders.
I could say that my children were the reason I sought a System like Happy Tokens in the first place but that wouldn’t be perfectly honest. I sought a System for me, for my sanity, to make my life easier, less of a struggle, more efficient. I simply wanted an easier way to parent. I was looking for that book on ‘How To Parent’ that every parent should get on the birth of each child. It was all about me! ;0)
So I started my search, which rapidly became research into basically an easier way to guide support and raise children. However in order to look up anything I had to know what I was looking for (simply typing “what’s the answer” into Google didn’t really work)
So I tried to approached the problem logically. What I was looking for was an aid to addressing particular behaviour. I wanted something to help and remind me about behaviour past and present, setting expectations, encouraging achievements and being as positive as possible about things we didn’t like, want or require. I wanted to stop yelling or losing my temper and ultimately control and respect.

What I was looking for was a theory, a set of standards, a System…that would work.

I was aware of reward systems – sticker charts were the bane of my life; stickers in the washing machine, on the floor, on the other children and never where they were supposed to be. But everyone lost interest pretty quickly, me included. I would forget to issue the stickers, or run out or worst of all issue the wrong sticker to the wrong child!!!
Sticker charts also didn’t address unwanted behaviour and I chose to address this with my own children. So they weren’t right, they weren’t enough. The more research I did on this area the more familiar I became with the Token Economy System, which sounded exactly what I was after. I had at last found my answer except there were no products to buy to implement it. So it was back to the drawing board but this time to design something to make (luckily my husband is quite handy).
We trialled our system over the school holidays and were amazed with the results. Our children loved it and surprised us with how capable they proved to be in some areas.From there it has just been a rollercoaster ride. Friends saw our family using them and asked to try it, and then impressed with the simplicity and results they recommended it to others. We began to be asked more and more about the product. So I wrote a friendly ‘How To’ Booklet and we started selling the packs to cover our costs.
A friend of a friend commented that the System works so well we owed it to others to advertise and let people know what was available so we started a Facebook page to see what interest there was and it just went crazy.
Feedback has been amazing and so far 100% positive. The sheer versatility and simplicity of the system is as apparent to other parents as it was to us.
Caregivers of special needs children or those who need extra support are avid fans of the system. They were astute enough to pick up on the potential of the system and they too have commented on it being the answer they were looking for.
I seem to have picked up on something here simply by being a mother (of five) myself. So if this system can help in the everyday tasks of being a parent, if it can calm situations down, put a little bit of order back into a day or alleviate stress for adult and/or child then it is definitely worthwhile.
I have the best job in the world. I know the potential of every one of these Happy Token Systems that we ship. And I know because my family were the first to experience it and benefit from it. We are happier, calmer, we communicate better and I find parenting easier and much more enjoyable. Both parents and children are much more positive now. The Happy Token System helps children and parents communicate, work and play together better…. now that is worth getting out of bed for every morning!

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